I'm Courtney, 18, AZ. I like to capture the world through my own lens. And I'm also more of a scenery kinda gal.




I’m stuck between wanting:

1. A long lasting relationship with my soulmate who supports me and protects me and is my partner and we are completely bad ass together and in love

2. Wanting to have casual sex and rip out the heart of everyone person I meet

3. Being independent and having a loyal dog while I’m married to my career

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Napping in between storms

I swear this was the best I’ve felt in so long.


There are 5 types of fear

1. Terror
2. Panic
3. 14 missed calls from mom
4. Username or password is incorrect
5. “We need to talk”

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"i used to be strong, but you’ve made me weak" - effy

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do you ever just listen to an old song and remember all the reason why you fell in love with it

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